Be different every day even when you travel

  • Be different every day even when you travel

    How to look different every day not having an enormous wardrobe? It’s simple – your clothes have to combine good with each other, be more classic and simple (without any applications, strange prints, glitters, etc.)This way is good when you travel – you can take few things, but they make lots of mix variations.

    A great way to make your outfits look different is accessory and jewellery. They have lots of advantages – they need small space, they fit you when your weight changes, they are not very expensive (depends on label), you can make a special accent with their help and wear them differently (for example, scarfs) As for shoes , if you don’t want to take in traveling shoes for every look , you should choose the most suitable black or white color. As we talk about traveling the most comfortable are sneakers.

    Sometimes we can’t decide and imagine how to combine things , in this case we can always use shrippy which give as some new ideas and looks.

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